About Us

Established in 2010, Creative Gems and Jewels has carved a niche for itself by creating beautiful unique jewellery in pure silver (92.5) with gemstones. Our belief is that exquisite jewellery need not be unaffordable, and once bought, it should certainly not be kept hidden away in a locker. With this in mind, we have set out to successfully create a wide range of stunning pieces. Each product is individually designed and handcrafted to perfection. The gemstones are imported from around the world, and cut at our lapidary in Jaipur, thus ensuring a level of quality that’s nonpareil. Since its inception, we have expanded rapidly with three stores being set up across Bangalore (Commercial Street, Indiranagar, Malleswaram) in just four years. And we’re only just getting started!



The infinite circular design symbolizes the creativity which is the backbone of Creative Gems and Jewels. The myriad colours represent the wide range of designs and stones that they work with. The hues chosen are welcoming, reflecting the warm hospitality extended to every customer. The beveled edges indicate the meticulous attention to detail, faceting and quality that is brought to every piece created.

The Family


Hailing from Jaipur, renowned for its rich stonework heritage and gemstones, Sharad Jain has more than 25 years of experience as a jeweller. With an innate ability to work deftly with gems, and cut and polish them to their best quality, Sharad saw an opportunity to supply stones to jewellery manufacturers abroad. A factory was set up in Jaipur, and together with his family, he set up offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok and the US. Their global presence and expansion was testament to the extremely high levels of quality they maintained with their stones. This is a bar that holds true even today with any piece that his business creates.

Additionally, Sharad participated in jewellery exhibitions across India, where exclusive pieces were made specifically for these events. Nurturing his creativity within, he often designed jewellery as a hobby. He did detailed stone inlay work, where he studded gems with other stones or diamonds, resulting in beautiful works of art. It was clear that Sharad preferred colourful creations over the more usual metal as metal products readily available in the market. These items won the favour of customers, and seeded the idea of venturing more fully into the jewellery line.

In October 2010, Sharad and his family set up their first store in Bangalore, at Mantri Square, aptly named Creative Gems and Jewels. Within a day, sales picked up rapidly and there was no looking back. Customers were very happy with the unique pieces sold at the store, and were delighted with the range of services provided. No task was too small or too challenging for the team – a far cry from other jewellery stores that patrons visited. The quality of silver used was superior and the gems were clearly visible. None of the items were sourced – all the stones were either imported or manufactured in Jaipur, and the jewellery was crafted in India, enabling customers to get products directly from the gem stone source. All the right reasons that had customers asking for more.

In 2012, Creative Gems and Jewels opened a second branch at the ever popular shopping hub in Bangalore – Commercial Street. This store showcased a wider range in designs, with Sharad leading the way in making antique temple jewellery in silver as a medium (instead of the more traditional base of gold). His pioneering streak proved fruitful, and patrons were pleased with the extensive collection of both stone work and antique pieces. It wasn’t long before their third branch was opened in Indiranagar in August 2014, marking another successful milestone for the business.

Footfall at the stores included visitors residing abroad, who continued to place orders even after leaving India’s shores. At this juncture, Creative Gems and Jewels decided to push its retail boundaries beyond Bangalore and develop an online presence globally, resulting in a boutique website. It was to be an easy mechanism for everyone to browse and acquire pieces in a manner representative of the in-store customer service. An experience in itself. With this powerful combination of retail stores and an online portal, Creative Gems and Jewels is set to make more strides forward in the jewellery world. Silver pieces have been transformed into works of art. And with Sharad leading the way, success is sure to follow.


Sharad’s wife, Anju, has been an invaluable partner and support through his journey with the jewellery business. A lecturer in English Literature by profession, she joined Sharad in the business soon after their marriage. Her experience with teaching gave her patience and avid listening skills, making her a favourite with customers. Coupled with her penchant for gemstones and a natural flair for designing jewellery, her transition to her new role was smooth.

Anju has been an integral part of all aspects of Sharad’s business. Starting with the export of gemstones abroad, she worked closely with him to run the office and various operations. Her attention to detail ensured that processes were in check, and the quality of their deliverables was never compromised. She also participated in the various exhibitions, demonstrating an impressive depth of knowledge about the range of gemstones they worked with.

When Sharad and her son, Naman, opened their first retail store in Bangalore, Anju was quick to take the helm and handle the day to day operations of the shop. She was happy to interact with customers on a daily basis, who came from various reaches of the world and different professions. She worked with them to understand their individual needs and gave them jewellery that fit well within their budget. She enjoyed creating products that delighted them. She worked personally with each of them, and turned the jewellery shopping “errand” into a relaxing, gratifying experience. The customers were pleasantly surprised!

She often designed pieces out of the store’s different gemstones and beads, and combined it with the customers’ own jewellery pieces to make gorgeous new creations. The customers were hooked! Their satisfaction inspired Anju further. She worked on more designs with vigour, creating exclusive pieces, some of which could never be replicated. In doing so, she helped Creative Gems and Jewels forge a firm niche for itself in the industry.

Creative Gems and Jewels has come a long way since opening their first store at Mantri Mall in Bangalore, and Anju has remained a staple figure throughout. Her calm demeanour, her passion for her job and her charm have made her highly sought after. Her creativity is unmatched, her panache undeniable. And with her quiet determination alongside Sharad, she is all set to take the business to new heights!


Sharad’s son, Naman, has been a strong driving force in setting up and establishing the retail stores. A Business Management graduate, he was recognized at college for his strong leadership skills, tactful negotiating powers, swift thinking and sound decisiveness. It was hardly a surprise that he was often in charge of coordinating large scale events for the college (even those requiring multi-crore budgets) – all of which brought him even more accolades. He continues to work with his alma mater in various capacities, including judging business and marketing events.

Growing up, Naman was exposed to multiple aspects of Sharad’s jewellery business – from procurement to cutting and faceting of the stones to sales.Interactions with the local artisans gave him an appreciation for the art of jewellery making, and the arduousness of the work involved. From the age of 12, he helped out with the exhibitions across India and global locations as well. He developed a depth of knowledge in gemstones, and also began to understand how to engage with customers. His boyish charm and sharp wit helped win over his clients, and got him started as a young but enterprising part of his father’s trade.

Upon graduating, Naman decided to apply his strengths to the family business. Having lived in Bangalore during his collegiate years, it was a natural progression to do some market research locally. Given that the exhibitions held in Bangalore did well, combined with the favourable feedback he received about establishing a store for longer lasting customer engagements, Naman helped set up the first retail kiosk at Mantri Square. His foresight proved to be accurate. Sales took off within just two days, and before long this was the first of three branches that Creative Gems and Jewels launched in a short span of three years.

Naman manages all aspects of the stores, from training the staff to managing sales and finances to customizing jewellery (apart from other services). With this end to end perspective of the operations, he constantly refines and streamlines processes. In an effort to scale more seamlessly, and to meet increasing customer needs, he decided to move forward with an online presence. This allowed him to extend the business’ reach to a larger scale global level, while also providing an automated mechanism to simplify key operations. However, the boutique experience of the site was necessary, in line with the personal and detailed level of attention given to existing clientele. Customer delight is an aspect that continues to be very highly valued by this business savvy retailer, along with surpassing all expectations of quality.

Working alongside Sharad, this father son duo is definitely a force to reckon with. The combination of their creativity and resourcefulness makes them strong contenders in the silver and stone jewellery industry. Now, backed by the online platform, Creative Gems and Jewels is all set to make its mark in the world. And Naman will make sure of it.


Sharad’s younger son, Samyak, consistently looks for ways to bring in technology to propel the business forward. With his drive and vision, he has helped define and implement ideas to help increase the footprint of the retail business. A marine engineer by profession, hard work and attention to detail are traits he lives by. This enterprising gentleman is eager to streamline processes, increase efficiency and ensure quality is surpassed with every piece created.

Samyak has been involved with the family business from a young age. Summer vacations were spent with his brother, Naman, in part learning about the various gemstones. With a factory in-house, he gradually learned how to use the machines for cutting the stones and getting the faceting done. The manual process taught him the importance of understanding how to cut gemstones, and the requirement for high levels of precision. Thus began the tutelage of the jeweller’s son.

Once he was in high school, Samyak started helping Sharad out in the office. He was exposed to the many nuances of running the business. Discussions ranged from jewellery design work to interactions with artisans to negotiations with distributors. It was a complex business, and Samyak was given the opportunity to learn firsthand from Sharad, the boss himself. He was shown the more expensive stones, handled differently at the store’s factory. He was also taken to the market place to understand the procurement process. Each of these experiences taught him valuable skills required to participate in and contribute to the business.

One of the more important aspects he got to see was the manner in which the customers were dealt with. He observed how each person walking into the store was treated with a high level of respect and consideration. Attentiveness was key, and no request was ignored. It was evident that customer satisfaction was prized above all else, and Samyak saw how this formed one of the central tenets of the business.

Soon enough, he was participating in the exhibitions held across India and was able to demonstrate what he’d learned. It gave him the much needed on the ground training to hone his skills, and he stepped up the plate quickly. He spoke eloquently about the pieces, answered questions with ease, and was able to make sales seamlessly.

On graduating from Engineering, and having sailed to different parts of the world, Samyak was drawn back to the family business – a place where he could leverage his many strengths and explore his creativity further. He has brought a high level of energy to Creative Gems and Jewels, and a zeal to go beyond the imaginable. No task is too daunting, no goal too high. He moves with alacrity, and has been instrumental in getting the technology platform in place. With the perseverance and drive of both Samyak and Naman, Creative Gems and Jewels will continue to push boundaries and redefine the impossible.